Cosimo Tripodi
Owner & Operator

the soul of italy in the heart of grace bay

Once you step in to Bella Luna you will understand a true labour of love, and witness a unique place; a true icon of the changing times in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Built in the early eighties as a private home on Grace Bay beach, it was host to some of the best parties on island and its unique construction of large oversized glass doors for the building walls quickly established its name as The Glass House among local residents. Comprised of three levels with Art Deco features, its intriguing design instantly caught the eye and imagination of Cosimo Tripodi, who saw its true potential and would later bring his Italian flair to this Caribbean island. The Glass House was destined to be more than just a private home.

Established in 1996, Cosimo began to transform the Glass House in to an Italian home, bringing his family recipes and creativity to this “luxurious trattoria”. Whilst living on the premises, where he could be completely dedicated to this new venture, he carefully planned and oversaw every single detail of this magical place. With his love for the arts, he transformed Bella Luna in to a place that celebrated his Italian heritage and love for this beautiful Caribbean home.



Just like in an Italian home, the Bella Luna garden offers an abundance of heirloom tomatoes, cherry bomb tomatoes, arugula and fresh herbs such as basil, mint, parsley with zucchini blossoms on the way. This abundance of home grown vegetables and herbs are used in the restaurant and pizzeria’s recipes; “home-made” is the very essence of Cosimo’s recipes with pastas such as ravioli, fettuccine and gnocchi made in-house with freshly baked focaccia bread.

Cosimo’s vision of dining in an idyllic Italian garden came to life in 2014, the pizzeria garden opened with its winding interconnected paths, beautiful lush green foliage and the rustic charm of a small village in Southern Italy. There is a story in every detail here, from the long forgotten mystery door overgrown with vines to the curious Virgin Mary statue overlooking the pizzeria. One of Cosimo’s dearest art works is the glass mosaic above the pizzeria kitchen; the Neapolitan vintage deck of cards was a favourite game of his mother’s and the inspiration behind this large wall installation.

Enjoy the best of times visiting this unique home, with over two decades of love it continues to be cherished and celebrated; the soul of Italy, the most personal and authentic Italian experience in the heart of Grace Bay.